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Eldorado Resorts Inc. earns NNBW Readers’ Choice ‘Most Diverse’ award

Kaleb M. Roedel
Cindy Carano, right, acceps the award for Most Diverse (Workforce Diversity) from Stacy Asteriadis, relationship manager for City National Bank, at the Jan. 17 gala.
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RENO, Nev. — For Gary Carano, chairman and CEO of Eldorado Resorts Inc., having strong workforce diversity plays a vital role in the success and stability of an organization.

First, he pointed to the importance of the corporation’s ethnic diversity.

“We’ve embraced the Latino community,” Carano said of Eldorado Resorts, which is the Northern Nevada Business Weekly’s 2017 Readers’ Choice “Most Diverse: Workforce Diversity” award winner. “We have employees in our Reno properties who have been there 35-plus years. Day one employees that have worked their way up to management or whatever position they’re in. They are some of our best friends and best employees.

“As far as diversity from an ethnic standpoint, I think the Latino community has added a huge part of our success, especially in Northern Nevada.”

This past year, Eldorado Resorts’ workforce, and diversity, expanded drastically with the purchase of Isle of Capri Casinos Inc. The acquisition led to Eldorado widening its net from seven properties in five states to 20 properties in 10 states —from Pennsylvania to Louisiana and in-between.

“In Shreveport (Louisiana), the African American community has been a large part of our success in the employee workforce,” Carano said. “Again, some of the greatest employees we have.”

In terms of gender diversity, Carano said Eldorado Resorts is continuing to work on having more women ascend to top senior leadership positions. Currently, the corporation has two women in such roles, as well as one female on its board of directors.

“We have some work to do,” Carano added.

Carano has seen a lot of workforce diversity changes since he started as an assistant general manager of the Eldorado back in 1980. His late father, Don Carano, founded the company seven years prior, in 1973.

“America’s changed in just my lifetime,” said Gary Carano, 65. “My mom grew up raising five kids at home. But that’s no longer the way. Whether it’s a stay-at-home father or stay-at-home mother, they’re no longer staying at home.”

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“My father brought us up to treat your fellow employees like you treat your family,” he continued. “And I think today, there’s no reason that any female that’s qualified shouldn’t be paid as much as or more as a man in her position. The opposite kind of thinking is antiquated.”

Quite simply, Carano feels, a more diverse workforce is how a company helps to keep pushing America forward.

“It brings us toward the culture of continuing to aspire to be one of the leading gaming companies in America,” he said. “It is just part of the recipe of what needs to be for a successful team.”