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Entertainment industry now need to meet OSHA requirements

NNBW Staff

Those who work in the entertainment industry are now required to take workplace safety compliant.

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval has signed Assembly Bill 190 that requires the entertainment industry to complete two Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety courses through a certified instructor.

“This new requirement is meant to protect workers from accidents and injuries in a career field that has been long overlooked,” said Scott Alquist, program manager of the TMCC Safety Center. “The 10-hour worker course and the 30-hour supervisor course will provide information and assist people in working in as safe of an environment as possible.”

The two courses required by OSHA are 10-hour safety and health general industry both for non-supervisory employee as well as supervisory employees.

Industry workers who need to take the courses include: wardrobe, hair and makeup professionals, audio, camera, projection, video or lighting equipment staff, filmmakers and photographers, broadcast technicians and videographers, sporting event staff, and other professionals that work in conjunction with production categories.