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Entrepreneurs’ Organization Reno Tahoe held shark tank style event in downtown Reno

Annie Conway
COO for Tahoe Blue Vodka Bruce Alexander (left) and Founder and CEO of Tahoe Blue Vodka Matt Levitt presenting at Shark Tank: The EO Way on Nov. 15 at the Basement.
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Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Reno Tahoe recently held a shark tank style event at The Basement at Fifty South Virginia in downtown Reno.

The event, called Shark Tank: The EO Way, provided a platform for members of the organization to hear how executives of three local companies pitch their business when seeking capital to scale their companies.

The event “allows (entrepreneurs) to hear in real time someone’s pitch,” Michael Bosma, co-learning chair for EO Tahoe Reno and managing shareholder of the Bosma Group, said at the event.

Presenters at the Shark Tank event included Matt Levitt, founder and CEO for Tahoe Blue Vodka and Bruce Alexander, COO for Tahoe Blue Vodka, Jeff Pickett, founder and CEO of Battle Born Beer, Tom Adams, owner of Seven Troughs Distilling.

Each company was given 10 minutes to pitch their business to four judges and the audience gathered at The Basement on Nov. 15. The presenters demonstrate a condensed version to the type of presentation they would give to potential investors and received feedback from the other business owners and entrepreneurs in the community. The event also acted as a mixer and networking opportunity for the organization’s members, guests and sponsors.

The shark tank event is just one of many events and opportunities EO Reno Tahoe provides its members.

“We invest heavily in up-and-coming entrepreneurs,” Bosma said.

EO Reno Tahoe chapter is part of a global organization. According to the organization’s website, it was founded in 1987 and now provides a peer-to-peer network of more than 11,000 business owners with 153 chapters in 48 countries around the world. The EO Reno Tahoe chapter was founded in 2000.

According to Bosma, being an entrepreneur can be isolating. The organization provides a way for leading entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, leadership skills and advice.

“They are my life support system,” Bosma said about EO Reno Tahoe.

One of the ways the organization does this is through forums. Each member in the organization becomes part of a forum of six to 12 other entrepreneurs, which allows them to draw from the expertise and experience of other successful entrepreneurs in the northern Nevada community.

According to Betty Scott, co-learning chair for EO Tahoe Reno and owner of Aspen Leaf Interiors, they have approximately 50 members in the Reno Tahoe chapter.

The chapter works to provide its members with educational events, mixers, retreats, EO global events and more.

“The events are focused on learning and once in a lifetime experiences,” Scott said.

Members of EO Reno Tahoe must be an owner, founder or majority stakeholder of a business that earned a minimum of $1 million in the past fiscal year. Members must pay dues for the global and local chapter.

Bosma and Scott encouraged other entrepreneurs who are interested in joining EO Reno Tahoe to speak with current members about the benefits of the organization or to visit their website for additional information. For a complete list or requirements to apply to join the organization, visit http://www.eorenotahoe.org.


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