Ethics hot UNR topic |

Ethics hot UNR topic

Anne Knowles

Whether it’s small-time scams such

as bogus travel agents or monumental

frauds such as Enron Corp., corporate

scandal is a hot topic of discussion at

the University of Nevada Reno.

“The reports in the first week are

impressive,” said Mike Reed, dean of

UNR’s College of Business

Administration. “There have been

conversations from freshmen to

MBAs. And good conversation is half

the battle.”

The university offers a class on

business ethics, and most other classes

touch on the subject.

“I teach international management

and there is always an ethics component

in the course, especially in relation

to how it is handled in different

countries,” said Yvonne Stedham, professor

of management at UNR, who

recently conducted research comparing

ethics in the United States with those

in Brazil and Russia.

In addition, the university invites

industry people to speak during the

school year. This year will be no

exception and the list will include

lawyers and business and finance people

who will speak specifically on the

recent scandals, said Reed.

But it’s too early to implement any

permanent changes in the college’s

curriculum, though that may happen

in the future. “Formal change doesn’t

happen that quickly,” said Stedham.

“But, informally, it is absolutely being