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False-alarm fines to take effect

NNBW staff

Burglar-alarm tracking and false-alarm billings will take effect in Reno on June 1.

ATB Services Co. has sent letters to customers of local alarm companies advising them of the city’s alarm ordinance changes.

Business owners should resolve any problems related to false alarms soon to avoid false alarm fees set in the ordinance, police officials say.

The top causes of false alarms are user error and faulty equipment, says Reno Police Lt. Mike Whan. Last fall, Reno City Council approved changes in the city’s alarm ordinance to reduce the time and expense involved with responses to false alarms.

According to the police department, there were over 10,000 alarms in Reno in 2007, but only about 100 resulted in a crime report being taken or an arrest. In 2006, police received more than 11,000 alarm calls of which only 106, or slightly less than 1 percent, involved a crime. The new alarm ordinance requires that alarm users must have a permit with a $25 annual fee.

False alarms will be billed $100 at an unregistered site; $75 for a false intrusion alarm; $200 for a false robbery or panic alarm.

Alarm installation and monitoring companies will be required to provide user training to their customers. And alarm companies will be required to make two attempts to contact a responsible party to determine validity of an alarm.

Information on changes in the alarm ordinance, registration and permit requirements and fees can be found at CityofReno.com.


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