Fast-growing EET adds staff |

Fast-growing EET adds staff


Posting a 35 percent sales gain this year and projecting another 25 percent increase next year, Reno’s Electronic Evolution Technologies is hiring.

The company, a contract manufacturer of circuit boards, last week won approval from the Nevada Commission on Economic Development for $18,000 in incentives to train 18 additional employees.

The company will match the state’s training dollars.

Those 18 new employees join an existing staff of 107 at EET’s plant in South Meadows.

In its application with the state, the company said the average wage for the new jobs will be $14.80.

Sonny Newman, the president of EET, said the company’s strong growth has come despite decisions by many U.S.manufacturers to purchase components from offshore suppliers.

EET historically has had a strong position in manufacturing circuit boards for gaming companies and recently won a major contract from a company that makes educational equipment for schools.

“We are aggressively looking for new business,” Newman said, noting that automotive customers are among the sales targets of his company.

Most of EET’s customers are in northern Nevada and northern California.

Newman said his company believes a welltrained workforce provides a competitive advantage particularly as EET faces competitors from around the world.

With training, he said, EET’s staff can develop innovative solutions to customers’ requests while meeting standards for fast turnaround and quality.

“That’s really helped with our success,” Newman said.