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Fluke Biomedical moves manufacturing

Anne Knowles

Fluke Biomedical, a Carson City maker of biomedical test instrumentation and software, is moving its manufacturing, service and finance operations to the company’s headquarters in Everett,Wash.

The move, planned for August, will affect about 35 local jobs.

A handful of people have been offered jobs in Everett, according to the company, but the remainder will be laid off with 90 days notice and a minimum of eight weeks pay as severance.

Severance will equal one week for each year of service.

“The company wants to consolidate its manufacturing into one place in Everett,” said Eric Perron, president of the Carson City division of Fluke Corp.

The company currently employs 95 people in Carson City.

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Fluke Biomedical’s marketing, sales, order entry and technical support departments will remain in northern Nevada.

Perron was unsure whether Fluke Biomedical would be reducing its space in Carson City once part of the company’s operations were moved to Washington.

Fluke Biomedical currently occupies a 12,000-square-foot building at 5200 Convair Drive.

Fluke Biomedical was formed about a year ago when its parent company acquired DNI Nevada, the biomedical division of Vermont’s Bio-Tek Instruments, and Dale technologies from Lionheart Technologies.

Perron, the former head of Bio-Tek Europe, was named president of the new acquisitions consolidated in Carson City.

Fluke Biomedical makes about 100 products that test hospital equipment.

The company manufactures, for example, equipment that simulates a human finger so that a hospital can test its equipment that takes blood pressure via a patient’s finger.

Perron said he will remain in Carson City.