Fundraiser to save Adele’s building in Carson woefully short of goal |

Fundraiser to save Adele’s building in Carson woefully short of goal

Anne Knowles

The Cafe at Adele's building is located at 1112 N. Carson St.
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CARSON CITY, Nev. — The Carson City Historical Society and others continue to work under deadline on efforts to save the historic building known as Café at Adele’s.

The society on Dec. 26 set up a GoFundMe page and is accepting direct donations to cover the costs of moving the 145-year-old building from Carson Street to a new location before March 1 to save it from demolition.

So far, the society has raised close to $6,000 — $3,755 via — and another $2,000 in direct donations, Jeff Loflin, the society’s president, told the Nevada Appeal.

The society has not calculated the costs of moving the building, but set a goal of $100,000 on the online fundraiser.

“Our role is to support whomever wants to move it,” said Loflin.

The funds would come with some strings. The society hasn’t delineated the exact requirements, but to receive the money, the building’s new owner would need to keep it in Carson City, and open it to the public with an educational purpose.

“I already consider it a success because so many people have come together,” said Loflin.

The Historic Resources Commission discussed what role it might take at its Thursday meeting last week.

“I just look at this as an opportunity. It’s such a beautiful building,” said commission member Donald Smit. “Can’t we approach the Board of Supervisors and see if they can participate and turn it into a useful city building?”

The building needs $1.5 million in renovations after damage caused by a fire in March, according to its current owners, Charlie and Karen Abowd.

The costs could be lower as those estimates were for a restaurant rehab.

The property has been for sale since 2018. Jacksons, next door to it, plans to acquire it to expand its gas station and convenience store and will demolish the restaurant, but has offered to make the building available free of charge to anyone who can move it by March 1.


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