Fundraising effort to save Cafe at Adele’s comes up short |

Fundraising effort to save Cafe at Adele’s comes up short

NNBW staff report
The Cafe at Adele's building is located at 1112 N. Carson St.
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CARSON CITY, Nev. — The Carson City Historical Society said last week the effort to save the historic Cafe at Adele’s building came up short.

The fundraising deadline was March 1. The society raised $22,000 in an effort to raise $100,000 to move the 145-year-old building from Carson Street to a new location.

The building needs $1.5 million in renovations after damage caused by a fire in March 2019.

The property has been for sale since 2018. Jacksons Food Store, located next door, plans to acquire it to expand its gas station and convenience store and will demolish the restaurant.

The company had offered to make the building available free of charge to anyone who could move it by March 1.

Shannon Cord with the Carson City Historical Society posted a long message on Facebook last week announcing the fundraising efforts had come up short.

It said, in part: “… We made it to the finish line with high hopes that the building would be moved and we did have someone who was granted the building to do so. But unfortunately in the end, it did prove to be more costly than expected for them.

“… The donations will be refunded and we want to thank everyone out there from all around who gave with true intent and an open heart to see history get saved. Even though we were not able to accomplish that this time around, we hope that you would be willing to donate or volunteer the next time our community needs to gather and save history once again.”