Good Chemistry Nurseries enters Nevada market |

Good Chemistry Nurseries enters Nevada market

Brook Bentley
Good Chemistry Nurseries’ award-winning Cannabis will be located in dispensaries throughout the state of Nevada.
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As Nevada’s ‘yes’ vote for recreational cannabis use has created more industry buzz, another cannabis company has entered the Nevada market.

Good Chemistry Nurseries has an 11,000-square-foot warehouse on the 5th Street corridor near downtown Reno. The facility carries both cultivation and production licenses.

“We have just built phase one,” Matthew Huron, company founder and CEO said in a phone interview with NNBW.

The 4,000-square-foot space that comprises phase one produced the company’s first Nevada harvest.

“We officially launched our first harvest on Oct. 10,” Huron said. Moving forward, they will harvest approximately every 30 days.

They anticipated producing enough products for market and deliberately went smaller with their first phase efforts to be sure they didn’t outpace the market.

“Launching Good Chemistry Nurseries in Nevada was a logical next step for us based on public support and proximity to our operations in Colorado,” Huron said in a press release earlier this month. “Our company is known for product excellence and Nevada Cannabis users and dispensary owners have strongly encouraged us to bring our high quality flower to the state.”

They are happy with their Reno location and phase two will depend on how fast the market grows. Huron explained they plan to adjust as the market grows.

“We are looking across state as far as medical is concerned,” Huron said.

Nevada was a natural second location for Good Chemistry Nurseries as the looked at the tight regulation structure in Nevada that is similar to Colorado.

“We took a look at regulation, “Huron said. “We like the regulatory aspect.”

Nevada’s recent vote to legalize recreational use in the state does not change any plans Good Chemistry Nurseries has currently.

“We are medical focused,” Huron explained.

Huron has been in the medical marijuana business for 16 years. He first became involved when his father and father’s partner were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

When medical marijuana became available in California he watched the alternative medical treatment first hand. From there, he got into growing medical marijuana and founded Elmar Lins Compassion Co-Op in 2000.

After operating the San Francisco based nonprofit medical marijuana co-op for 10 years, Huron moved to Colorado and co-founded Wellspring Collective. He then launched Good Chemistry on 2010 and which now employs more than 100 between dispensaries and cultivation facilities in Colorado as well as their new cultivation facility in Nevada.

“Our company pillars are cultivation and product excellence,” he said.

Huron’s continues to support underserved communities with philanthropic initiatives. He carries out his humanitarian efforts through a Compassion Care Program that enables patients with limited resources to obtain medical marijuana at a discounted rate or even at no cost.

“As good chemistry has grown, it is important for me not to forget why I first got into the business and work to keep that spirit alive,” Huron said.

Huron and Good Chemistry Nurseries were nominated for a philanthropy award for their Compassion Care Program at the annual Marijuana Business Conference held in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Marijuana Business Daily holds the conference and they estimate Nevada’s 2016 marijuana sales to be between $25 million and $35 million, up from $4-6 million in 2015.


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