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Hawthorne Industrial Park gets infrastructure grant

NNBW Staff

The Nevada Commission on Economic Development has allocated more than $2.5 million in Community Development Block Grants to fund 20 different projects in rural Nevada. The grants are aimed at revitalizing and increasing water and sewer capacity in the rural communities.

The Mineral County / Hawthorne Industrial Park got a $200,000 allocation to match a $3 million Economic Development Administration grant to install water and sewer infrastructure to a key commercial and industrial area. Mineral County’s economy is mainly based on mining and defense.

“By revitalizing water and sewer capacity through CDBG funding, it positions rural communities to develop sustainable projects such as the Hawthorne Industrial Park,” says Lt. Governor Lorraine Hunt.

This year’s recommended CDBG projects will benefit 76,923 Nevadans in 14 counties.

The Advisory Committee reviewed 37 open competitive applications totaling $6,383,461.