Helping redefine local business |

Helping redefine local business

Aly Lawson
In the new office taking shape on Reno Highway, Lumegent CEO and longtime Fallonite Billy Thompson chats with employees. The business launched nearly a year ago and was operational day one, Thompson told the LVN.

FALLON — How does having more national dollars flow through Fallon and Churchill County sound? Local marketing business Lumegent is doing just that.

The local company works with large clients — 200-300 locations usually — nationwide, but found that Fallon was the place to call home.

“We’re founded on the core concepts of family and connection,” said owner and president, Billy Thompson. Thompson grew up in Fallon, met his wife there and worked locally before heading out on his own with an idea, executive team and other talented professionals.

Thompson shared how being part of a smaller community is what Lumegent prides itself on. In addition to local economic support and a solid, savvy business approach, Lumegent will soon provide onsite childcare and youth programs.

Simply defined they are “concepts in motion,” according to the team’s motto.

“We know we spend more time at work than we do with our own families,” he said. “It’s a unique environment you probably won’t see anywhere else and we take a lot of pride in that. We knew we wanted a local community to support that and we wanted people who chose that.”

Chief Financial Officer Brook Allen also spoke to how Nevada is business friendly.

“Our business does not receive any of the special state-specific tax breaks that the large tech industry receives,” she said. “But in general, the fact that Nevada is free from personal and corporate income tax, inventory tax and special intangible tax — it’s one of the most ideal states to start a business.

“Fallon specifically has been great to work with in starting a business, but anyone who lives in Fallon already knows how awesome this place is.”

Lumegent shares that it’s a dynamic alliance in printing, marketing, consulting and solutions for any business type; the company mission is strong partnerships founded on engaging client empowerment through improved processes and a method that connects marketing vision with strategy, design, technology and product.

Simply defined, they are “concepts in motion,” according to the team’s motto.

Executive Vice President Yovan Luyt and Chief Operations Officer Beau Murray also met with the Lahontan Valley News (sister paper to the NNBW) to discuss the company taking shape in the spacious former vehicle dealership beside Jet Park on Reno Highway.

“We should know their customer better than our client does,” Luyt said. “We will absolutely keep the clients happy; every department here will … Just when we think we’re at capacity, we’re signing on new clients.”

Murray said Lumegent has grown quickly in its first year.

“Our business has tripled in about 10 months,” he said.

Lumegent clients include Home Depot, StoneMor and Holiday Retirement.

“We’re able to expand, elaborate, grow and boom their business,” Thompson said. “We’re not just a printer. We’re not just a consultant. We are basically anything our clients may need.”

Luyt and Murray mentioned how hopping on a plane to Philadelphia or Orlando to meet with a client in person makes a huge difference instead of via a screen or phone. They added it’s good to have the staff based all under one roof.

Luyt said there were so many things accomplished simply over coffee when he worked in New York. He and Murray agreed an airline ticket could mean being able to cater to nonverbal cues less clearly expressed when doing business remotely.

Lumegent has 30 employees and looks to grow. Backgrounds range extensively. For example, Luyt worked for a hedge fund in New York City for a decade and Murray in mining for 15 years. They noted it’s rather interesting how the leadership team is all relatively in the same age bracket and stage of life. They said it lends a lot to their vision for the future, business growth and contemporary ideas.

“We’re always open to extremely talented people,” Luyt said. “Let them actually do what they’re good at. We’ve created departments around people. We’ll see this one person can do a lot.”

Murray noted they ask a lot of their people, but he said the atmosphere Thompson has created is welcoming, comfortable and puts minds at ease.

“Family is No. 1,” Murray said, reminding they are familiar with high-stress positions and want employees to feel like the true partners of the organization that they are.

Thompson said they officially launched Oct. 1, 2016, and were operational on day one.

“We dove in head first,” he said. “We’re coming up on our first full year, which is exciting.”

The interior renovation being done — including a modern industrial look and feel with vintage wood and steel beams — will soon move to exterior beautification and has included all local contractors including their primary resources, Hammond Homes & Construction, Hotwire Electric and Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating. Also, the location being near the static aircraft display related to Naval Air Station Fallon and its Top Gun program the team thought would be an excellent landmark.

Lumegent aims to do a community day annually to help the local area in some way along with continued support to the region. Thompson, who previously served on the Fallon Chamber of Commerce board as vice president and has assisted with local job fairs and lectures, said they also try to be available for pro bono situations if local businesses need assistance with marketing consulting or a business plan.

“We try to give back as much as we can,” Thompson said.


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