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Hydration Specialists lend a helping hand to Burners pre and post Burn in the Reno Area

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With the influx of travelers from all over the world making their way into Reno before traveling to Black Rock City for Burning Man, many are left jet lagged before they even reach the playa. The Biggest Little City is the pre and post spot for many burners and Rapid Recovery Hydration Solutions is ready to offer a variety of treatments to hydrate and balance vitamins and electrolytes pre-playa.

“We are here for your health and happiness to get you energized and balanced to keep your body on top of its game. We are here to help you keep going strong and to improve your quality of life,” said Debbie Fajans, CRNA and owner at Rapid Recovery Hydration Solutions in a press release. “When burners are headed to the playa they may experience jet lag or dehydration and exhaustion from normal day to day life. When burners return from that playa, the majority are dehydrated, exhausted and unbalanced. Rapid Recovery Hydration Solutions has the tools to minimize and eliminate these problems in under an hour with our selected treatment packages.”

In addition, Rapid Recovery Hydration Solutions can add and offer B vitamins and medications to give their clients a boost of energy or relieve any symptoms that may remain after a long week in Black Rock City.

“Extreme desert heat, high winds, with blowing dust coupled with never ending dance parties and it is very easy to become dehydrated and depleted of the nutrients necessary to help you feel great. Lack of sleep furthers the stress on your body limiting your ability to be out enjoying the many gifts of Burning Man,” said Fajans.

Rapid Recovery Hydration Solutions offers delivery treatments to a person’s home, hotel room, office or RV around the Reno/Tahoe area. Treatments range from a Vitamin B shot to a bag of IV fluid with a variety of vitamins and minerals to take you from zero to hero. Consider getting treatments before to keep energized on the playa. And consider post playa treatments to recover faster than usual.

“This approach decreases recovery time and helps with your adjustment back into your life in a post playa world,” Fajans adds.

Rapid Recovery Solutions will be available for delivery before and after burning man. Before they will also be offering treatments at the hanger for Reno Flying Company, just 5 minutes from the airport at 485 S. Rock Blvd, Hanger B. After the burn, they will have a treatment location at The Decompression at the Grand Sierra Resort to fuel people before their trip home.

For more information, visit rapidrecoveryhydration.com or call 775-525-8135.