In $603,000 deal, Trail Dozer manufacturer buys company headquarters |

In $603,000 deal, Trail Dozer manufacturer buys company headquarters

NNBV staff report
Sutter Equipment Company is the only manufacturer in the world of the Sutter 500 Trail Dozer (pictured), in addition to the Sutter 300 mini Trail Dozer and other equipment.
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LYON COUNTY, Nev. — Trail Dozer manufacturer Sutter Equipment Company recently purchased its company headquarters at 25 Cowee Drive in Mound House.

The transaction, including minor tenant improvements, was valued at $603,029.48, according to a news release provided by the Nevada State Development Corporation, which facilitated the company’s finance package in partnership with a local credit union.

“This purchase is truly a landmark occasion for our company, and it places us in a stronger position than ever as we continue to grow the business,” Sutter Equipment Company owner Anthony Dipino said in a statement. “We’re the sole manufacturer of the Sutter 500 Trail Dozer, the patented Sutter 300 mini Trail Dozer and the top Trail Dozer manufacturer on the planet.

“Owning our own headquarters will allow us to enhance our business even further in terms of meeting customers’ needs and solidifying our status as No. 1 in the field.”

According to the news release, Sutter Equipment Company also manufactures the patented Sutter retaining wall and other trail maintenance equipment including the Sutter Trail Rake. The firm handles all sales in-house and does not wholesale to dealers or distributors.

Additionally, the company maintains a fleet of rental Dozers that are offered at weekly and monthly terms.

Sutter Equipment Company serves customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Prominent customers include the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Park Services and various city, county and state governments, as well as private contractors.

“The decision to buy their own headquarters is one of the best calls that any business can make,” Evan Dickson, NSDC president, stated. “Sutter Equipment Company’s purchase of their Mound House property represents the culmination of decades of hard work on the part of Mr. Dipino and his team, and their success is well deserved.”