In his own words: Brian Moore, Microsoft Licensing |

In his own words: Brian Moore, Microsoft Licensing

NNBW/ Brian Moore

Northern Nevada Business Weekly: Many folks don’t understand what Microsoft Licensing does. Can you tell us a bit about the operation in Reno?

Brian Moore: Microsoft Licensing, GP (MSLI), headquartered in Reno since 1997, enables organizations, large and small, to acquire, distribute and utilize Microsoft’s vast array of products, including software, hardware and services. MSLI employs approximately 500 professionals across 22 states and supports Microsoft’s operations for OEM, Volume Licensing, XBOX and Dynamics throughout North and South America. MSLI and its employees contribute to the communities in which we live by emphasizing support efforts for education, youth organizations, diversity initiatives and disadvantaged communities to advance their information technology programs.

NNBW: What’s your role in the company?

Moore: Lead the human resources strategy for the licensing division.

NNBW: How did you land at Microsoft?

Moore: I was approached by one of the members of the HR team. (Moore was previously vice president of human resources for Microflex/Barrier Safe Solutions International Reno.)

NNBW: What are the most important things you do as a manager?

Moore: Inspire those that I lead.

* Provide human resources consultation to the organization.

* Do what I say I will do.

* Model the expectation.

* Be available.

* Don’t take myself too seriously.

NNBW: What experiences in your life proved important in preparing you for your current career?

Moore: Attending boarding school from age 8, I learned to be able to define my path and go for it. It’s also not a bad thing to ask for a little help along the way. (Moore was born and raised on the Island of Cyprus, attended high school in Switzerland.)

NNBW: What do you enjoy about your career?

Moore: Being able to interact with people from all levels within a company and helping to navigate between the goals of the organization and the individuals.

NNBW: What is challenging about your career?

Moore: Same as what I enjoy … walking the fine line between what the employees want and the goals of the company. In many cases these are not always in alignment.

NNBW: How do you spend your time away from the office?

Moore: Golf (weather permitting), martial arts (knees permitting) and being with my family.

NNBW: Your proudest moments professionally? In your personal life?

Moore: When I was working at Washoe Health System (now Renown Medical Center) I was part of the team that created their Washoe University. This was recognized nationally as a best practices on-boarding program. It also helped to drive the culture of the organization.

Personally, raising two incredible kids (Matthew and Brittany).

NNBW: What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you?

Moore: From my father: Do I want to be a thermometer (reacting to my environment) or be a thermostat (control the environment around me)? I would much rather be aware that how I respond to circumstances is up to me. Sometimes I think we lose sight of that.