Kids, travelers seek Winnemucca info |

Kids, travelers seek Winnemucca info

NNBW staff

Debbie Stone doesn’t need a calendar to follow the changes of the seasons.

She knows when autumn and spring arrive simply by the volume of mail that arrives at the Humboldt County Chamber of Commerce from schoolchildren across the nation.

“We can tell when all the kids are assigned their reports,” says the executive director of the Chamber of Commerce.

Headquartered in Winnemucca, a name that tickles the imagination of fourth-graders, the Humboldt County Chamber fields 30 to 40 to letters a week from people seeking information.

They arrive the old-fashioned way by U.S. Postal Service and the staff and volunteers at the chamber answer them the same way.

For kids who write in search of information for a school report, the Chamber of Commerce tries to include a postcard that pictures some the area’s rich historical legacy.

“The Wild West is really intriguing to them,” Stone says.

And it’s not just schoolchildren who are fascinated by the Old West and the town with an unusual name.

Even thought online searches answer many of the questions from tourists planning a vacation, the chamber continues to field a continued flow of letters from people who write in search of brochures or answers to specific questions.

For adults who are planning a vacation just as schoolchildren who are writing a report, the town’s unusual name appears to inspire curiosity, Stone says.