Landlords of large complexes now must take crime training |

Landlords of large complexes now must take crime training

NNBW staff

Landlords of apartment complexes of 120 or more units in Reno now will be required to attend a crime-free training program through the Reno police to help them reduce crime, drugs and gang activity in apartment complexes.

Reno City Council approved of the new ordinance last week. It requires landlords to take the free training within 180 days of the effective date of the new ordinance. New managers will have 45 days to comply.

The new ordinance provides for administrative citations, with an increasing fine schedule, for failure to comply. The police department expects the program will reduce calls for service in large apartment complexes while providing landlords with reduced exposure to civil liability.

In June the Loomis Manor apartment complex on Riverside Drive became the first multi-unit residence to be certified through the police department’s new program.

The second phase of the formal program involves on-site inspections by the Reno Police Department to help property managers meet minimum security requirements for crime prevention through environmental design.

The third phase of the program involves resident gatherings where they learn crime prevention and reporting skills.

Reno Police Chief Michael Poehlman told the City Council last week that landlords with housing units below the 120-unit threshold will be allowed to attend the training when classes are not filled, based on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Reno program is based on one developed in Mesa, Ariz. The Reno program will be evaluated in 18 months. At that time, it may expanded to include smaller complexes.