Linking Tahoe website explores travel options to manage congestion |

Linking Tahoe website explores travel options to manage congestion

Linking Tahoe website screenshot.
Courtesy TRPA

STATELINE, Nev. — A new website launched this week by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Tahoe Transportation District, and visitor organizations provides a hub of easy-to-access information about a wide range of travel options in the Tahoe Basin.

According to a news release from TRPA, the goal of is to increase public awareness of travel options for people to get to, from, and around the Tahoe Basin and encourages more people to walk, bike, use transit, take water shuttles, and choose off-peak times to drive to better manage congestion on the region’s roads.

The website is a one-stop-shop for travel encouraging not only less traffic in and around the Great Basin, but it provides travel options to and from neighboring metropolitan areas such as Sacramento, Reno and San Francisco.

“We’re excited to share information about the many travel options at Lake Tahoe, and to use this new tool to encourage people to try getting around in new ways before they make their travel plans,” TRPA Travel Management Coordinator Rich Looney said in a statement.

Brochures about the website are being distributed to chambers of commerce, visitor centers, hotels, rental properties, and other visitor-serving locations throughout the Tahoe Basin.

“This website is just the first step in increasing awareness of travel options at Lake Tahoe,” said TTD Capital Program Manager Danielle Hughes. “It will continue to be updated with new travel options as they become available, including new bikeshare and rideshare programs and services provided by new micro-transit pilot projects. In the future, we also hope to work with public and private partners to provide real-time information services to help people make their travel choices.”


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