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Local truck dealership in for the long haul

Annie Conway
TEC Equipment's Sparks dealership opened for business in 2006. It is located at 1955 E Greg St.
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In 2015, heavy-duty truck dealerships experienced a strong sales year as the economy rebounded and companies started to buy new equipment that had not been replaced during the prior economic downturn.

One of those dealership was the TEC Equipment franchise in Sparks, which sells new and used Mack and Volvo heavy-duty trucks, Hino medium-duty trucks and trailers.

“Last year was a huge correction year in the market,” Dave Lundy, general manager of the Sparks store and Reno native, said.

TEC Equipment, Inc. grossed $750 million in sales for 2015 with $20 million of those sales at Lundy’s dealership. Sixty percent of the trucks they sold were used and 40 percent were new.

Prices for trailers range between $35,000 and $45,000 and prices for new trucks range from $130,00 and $150,000. Both the Mac and Volvo Heavy-duty trucks use 13-liter engines, which have high horse power and are fuel-efficient which appeals to many of their customers.

“The people who buy our product really do love our product,” Dave Lundy, said.

Both the franchise and TEC Equipment has grown a lot since they started.

The Sparks franchise opened for business in 2006 in a small location on Linda Way. The space was so small that they had to back the trucks into the bays because there was no room to turn the trucks around. After three years, the business moved to their current six acre location at 1955 E Greg Street and the dealership currently has 38 employees.

“I really love to bring people into the store,” Lundy said. “David Thompson (founder of TEC Equipment) makes investments in all of his dealerships. I really feel obligated to take care of it for him.”

Thomson founded the company in 1976 in Portland, Ore. and runs it along with his three sons. Today, there are more than 20 locations spread out through Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California. This year marks the company’s 40th anniversary.

“Thomson is a very dynamic guy and still involved in the day to day operations,” Lundy said.

While TEC is mostly a west cost company, they have relationships with other dealerships across the country. According to Lundy, there are more than 11,000 employees through the technician network and the company is continuing to grow.

This is beneficial to customers who choose their full maintenance leasing options and can have their truck serviced at any TEC dealership or other related dealerships when transporting food.

“There will always be that customer who gets into the leasing and they like it,” Lundy said.

Leasing is not just beneficial to trucking companies but other businesses who need trucking equipment.

“There are lots of businesses who need trucks who are not in the trucking business,” Lundy said.

In addition to sales, the dealership also offers a full parts and services department. They currently have 17 full-time technicians and 15 bays where they can service trucks.

Two years ago, they added a swing shift for their service department, which gives their customers a wider window of time in which they can have their truck serviced. Customers can bring in their trucks after the workday and sometimes have them ready to go the next morning.

“It is really a benefit for local people,” Lundy said.

After the huge spike in last year’s sales, Lundy expects this year’s sales to level out and anticipates that they will see more activity with people leasing equipment. However, he is optimistic about 2016.

“I think our economy will keep us busy,” Lundy said.

The Sparks location is open from 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays. For more information, visit https://www.tecequipment.com/reno.