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Looking to bring business, art together in Carson City

Anne Knowles
Kathleen Heiner Stemler display at Champagne Beauty Bar at 107 W. Telegraph St.
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Charlie Blim has an idea how to get customers into Carson City businesses, including those struggling during downtown construction.

“I’m trying to use art as a catalyst,” said Blim, owner, Charlie B Gallery, the Telegraph Street ceramics and art gallery that opened the day after Thanksgiving last year.

To do that, Blim is installing art exhibits in businesses throughout Carson City.

Sassafras Eclectic Food Joint will host a show of Zentangle art by artist Kim VanZyll and her students. Zentangle is a process for creating images by drawing structured patterns and is designed to be meditative.

The opening reception for that show is 6-9 p.m., Sept. 29 at Sassafras, 1500 Old Hot Springs Road. The event is supported by Mona Sanatgaran of Neo Design, said Blim.

Previous exhibits have included Diversity, a month-long show of 13 regional photographers at Mystique Restaurant & Lounge on Carson Street; and a one-day, one-artist show of Kathleen Heiner Stemler’s work Diversity, at Champagne Beauty Bar, co-sponsored by Lori Morris, owner, Intimate Designs Floral.

Blim is hoping to host a show that spans generations of Nevada artists. He’s talking with Logan Peterson, a 22 year-old Gardnerville sculptor, and Patricia Holub, 93 year-old oil and water color painter and 58-year Carson City resident, about doing a joint show of their work.

“She’s a matriarch of Carson City art,” said Blim. “And he’s a young, important sculptor.”

Blim’s other project designed to marry art and the local economy is a ceramic museum.

The museum would span the city by placing display cases and ceramics in various businesses and providing a map to the locations for patrons and customers.

“Sort of a map of the stars,” said Blim.

For more information, visit Blim’s Facebook page at Charlie B Gallery.