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Loving your job takes work

Jane Boucher

Do you really hate your job, or do you hate what your job has become? The challenge for today’s worker requires some help from employers.

Survey after survey shows that people are not primarily motivated by money, but by many other considerations.

What you do need is interesting work with a sense of purpose, involvement in the decisions about your work, or a feeling of being “in on things,” and recognition and appreciation for your contribution.

You also need a sense of belonging because you spend your highest energy hours with the people at work.

In many cases, they become a second family.

It helps to change the way you feel about your job if you have an employer who is willing to help you change.

I can’t imagine an organization that isn’t willing to help a good employee make a turn for the better.

But someone has to be willing to say, “Can we talk?” You will most likely have to be the initiator.

Take the risk.

Your boss knows that it’s a lot easier and less expensive to sit down and talk to you than it is to retrain a new employee.

Besides, if you approach your boss with the attitude that you want to do a better job, you should get willingness to improve job performance.

It makes their job that much easier.

Of course, some might be defensive, particularly if they think they’re being blamed as the cause of the difficulty.

That is why your attitude is important.

Even if your boss is the cause of your problems, asking for his suggestions on how you can improve communication, work flow, performance, etc.

is more likely to open the door to fruitful discussion.

As employees or employers, we have a responsibility.

We have to stop complaining about our jobs and be willing to make the changes necessary for the success of our companies and ourselves.

It’s not easy to change.

The most difficult part is the first step.

It’s up to you to decide when you’re going to take that first step.

Jane Boucher is an author and professional speaker with offices in Carson City and Ohio.

Reach her at 775-884-4899, 937-416-9881or janeboucher@mail.com.

Her website is http://www.janeboucher.com