Lyon bridge may speed development |

Lyon bridge may speed development

NNBW staff

Efforts to provide alternate routes to heavily trafficked Highway 50 mean Lyon County may build a second bridge over the Carson River.

Two sites are under consideration, says Ray Johnson, Lyon County Planning Commissioner.

One site is at Cardelli Road near the Smith’s grocery store at the southwest edge of Dayton. The other, further east, is where the four-lane highway narrows between Mark Twain and Stagecoach.

In selecting the site, says Johnson, the county will consider both construction cost and convenience, determining which site serves the most people.

But another reason is to provide a bypass in case of highway closure and an alternate route for evacuation purposes.

A second side road will run parallel to Highway 50 from Smith’s to Six-Mile Canyon through the planned Traditions subdivision, he adds.

The Carson River bridge will speed development on the ranches situated south of the river, says Johnson, where the master plan already allows a range of subdivision densities.

No date is set for bridge completion.