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Making connections

Annie Conway
Erika Perez de Jennings, training consultant and founder of Training Connexion, stands in one of two classrooms in their new Keitzke location. .
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Training Connexion, a business-to-business training and consulting firm formally called Language and Citizenship Services, opened for business at their new Reno location earlier this month. The rebranding of the business enables them to offer more training services to their clientele.

They now offer food safety training and occupational safety training in both English and Spanish as well as bilingual translation services. Training Connexion specializes in serving small- to medium-size businesses.

“The whole goal is to help human resources with the load of work they have for training,” Erika Perez de Jennings, training consultant and founder of Training Connexion, said.

Perez de Jennings explained that human resources departments in many smaller companies don’t have a department for training or a dedicated person who does training. Training Connexion partners with these businesses to create new training programs, develop existing programs or provide a free assessment for programs they should implement.

“Training is vital for a business to grow.”Erika Perez de JenningsTraining consultant and founder of Training Connexion

“Training is vital for a business to grow,” Perez de Jennings said.

A big part of the business is its bilingual programs and translation services.

Companies with employees whose primary language is not English need to be able to clearly convey proper procedures for various work place operations such as proper food handling safety in restaurants, safety procedures in warehouses, trainings for open enrollment and more.

“In general, companies that have a multinational work force, they are in need of (bridging) the gap of communication and we will be there,” Perez de Jennings said.

The business also provides Spanish and English courses that companies can offer their workforce as well as translation services in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Tagalog.

“I realize how important it is to communicate well and to communicate in the language of the worker,” Perez de Jennings said.

Training Connexion’s services are not limited to northern Nevada. The company’s team of five employees, travel across the country to conduct various training programs.

Perez de Jennings founded the business in 2006 under the name Language and Citizenship Services. The language academy provided bilingual and naturalization services to various companies and individuals.

She recently rebranded the company by changing the name and moving to their new location on 4600 Kietzke Ln., Building B, Suite 117. Her goal is to branch out and provide more general training services while keeping the language services that the previous business offered.

“The demand is huge,” Perez de Jennings said about language and translation services. “Especially in companies that we continue to work with such as mining, warehousing, manufacturing, hospitality and lately a lot of health care professionals.”

Perez de Jennings explained that the State of Nevada also offers trainings for food safety and occupational safety. However, Training Connexion’s business model allows them to work directly with their clients to create programs that fit their needs and schedules.

“We want to differentiate,” she said. “We are local, we are private and we are flexible.”

The rebranding of the business and the increase of companies that are settling into the region provide a good opportunity for Training Connexion to partner with new businesses.

“That is an exciting part,” Perez de Jennings said about the growth of northern Nevada. “Manufacturing companies that are moving to our area can really use our services.”

Perez de Jennings is originally from Chile where she studied teaching. She has 23 years of experience as a translator and interpreter for mining companies and is also a food safety and quality control manager for a local company.

Pricing for services vary. For more information, visit or call 775-384-9036.