Marijuana in Nevada: State Tax Commission OKs regulations |

Marijuana in Nevada: State Tax Commission OKs regulations

Geoff Dornan

CARSON CITY, Nev. — The Tax Commission on Tuesday voted unanimously to approve the regulations that will govern both the medical and recreational marijuana industry in Nevada.

The vote came after more than three hours of a final hearing on the regulations that, frankly, resemble a small phone book. They span more than 250 pages and contain 246 Sections detailing the rules.

Taxation Director Deonne Contine told the commission there have been some 60 meetings over the past year and more than eight workshops.

The rules not only lay out full licensing procedures for cultivators, producers, testing labs and dispensaries, but also penalties for violating any of them. They get down into labeling requirements for pot products as well as safe food handling requirements for pot producers.

Extensive rules mandate all pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals used at every stage from the grower through the retailer be disclosed. They detail inventory controls, security and confidentiality for customers, cardholders and patients.

Some of the testimony on the final day attempted to open the doors wider for companies wanting to transport marijuana from retailers to customers and seeking more dispensary licenses in certain areas.

But those issues are all contained in the Question 2 language voters approved in November 2016. Under Nevada’s Constitution, the ballot language can’t be amended for three years after voter approval so those issues are etched in stone for another two years.

The regulations now go to the Legislative Commission for final approval.