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Get Your Nevada Cannabis Card Without Leaving Home Today

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Interested in the healing powers of medical cannabis? Let NuggMD save you time and trouble acquiring your Nevada cannabis card with their dedicated online doctors today.

What Is the Nevada Medical Marijuana Cardholders/Caregivers Program?

On November 7, 2000, almost two full decades ago, Nevada legalized medical cannabis with Ballot Question 9. However, the new medical marijuana program struggled to come into effect as it took 15 years for the first commercial sale occur. It wasn’t until 2015 when Silver State Relief opened its doors in the city of Sparks that the program became functional.

How Nevada Legalization Affects the Medical Cannabis Program

Medical cannabis has been legal in Nevada for a very long time, but actually getting it wasn’t always as easy as it is today. Now, you can just use a convenient telemedicine platform like NuggMD to get your recommendation and then head to your nearest dispensary, but this convenience was a long time in the making.

Things moved quickly a year later in 2016 when Ballot 2 sought to legalize recreational cannabis. The voter initiative passed by a slim margin of 8% and recreational cannabis sales to adults 21 and over became legal on January 1, 2017.

Since the passage of Ballot 2 the state strongly reinforced the medical cannabis community by:

  • Moving the entire application process online, with no long waits at the DMV.
  • Increasing the duration of Nevada Medical Marijuana cards from 1 year to 2 years.
  • Providing patient reciprocity with out-of-state medical marijuana cards (with valid government-issued identification).

These changes mean you won’t have to spend as much time applying for your cannabis card or apply as often. Not to mention the state  solidified itself as a popular tourist destination by respecting out-of-state MMJ IDs. (Remember, it’s still illegal to smoke in public.)

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Visiting the doctor and DMV too much hassle? Now you can see a certified cannabis doc online to receive your Nevada MMJ I.D. card in a few simple steps.

Benefits of Having Your Nevada Registry ID Card

The official identification the Nevada Medical Marijuana Cardholders/Caregivers Program issues to patients and caregivers is a Registry Identification Card. If you have one, you’re entitled to:

  • Exemption from the 10% retail excise tax that accompanies every recreational marijuana purchase.
  • Purchase and possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis every 14 days (recreational users have a strict 1 oz limit).
  • Greater legal protections when dealing with the law. (Still won’t help if you’re caught with a pound of weed without appropriate state documentation. The same if you’re caught selling it).
  • Access to medical cannabis at 18 years old. If you’re under 21, the only way to legally use cannabis in Nevada is with this ID card. (If you’re a parent or guardian of a minor under 18 who needs cannabis, you’ll need to fill out a release form.)

As you can see, there are several worthwhile reasons to check if you qualify for a Nevada MMJ Registry Identification Card.

How to Get a Nevada Cannabis Card

The first step is to be evaluated by a medical doctor or osteopath to see if you qualify. Just have your laptop handy and video-conference with a doc from the couch to be prescribed a 1-year Certified Nevada Medical Marijuana Card for $79 or one lasting 2-years for just $99.! If approved, NuggMD’s team of dedicated cannabis concierges will do everything short of pressing submit on the accompanying paperwork. That’s a huge time-saver!

Be sure to obtain pertinent medical records beforehand since you’ll need at least one of the following verifiable conditions to qualify:

  • Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)
  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Cachexia (general physical wasting and malnutrition from chronic disease)
  • Persistent muscle spasms (including multiple sclerosis)
  • Seizures (including epilepsy)
  • Severe nausea
  • Severe pain (the most common condition)

If you have a condition that’s not on the list, consider petitioning the Registry to have it added.

NuggMD nevada mmj

Nevada medicinal marijuana card / Nevada registry I.D. card

What Documents Do I Need?

Provide a valid copy of your Nevada state ID or driver’s license and appropriate medical records to verify your qualifying condition. For your ID, you can use the barcode scanner, or the easier and more common option, upload a photo.

Can My Application Be Rejected?

Yes, some reasons are:

  • Missing information
  • Inaccurate information
  • Possessing a commercial driver’s license (trailers, tow trucks, buses)
  • Certain criminal convictions (typically excluding minor drug possession)

If you’re rejected for lack of info (the single most common reason people are rejected), you can apply again immediately. However, you’ll have to pay the fee again. That’s why using a telemedicine provider like NuggMD is such a great choice; you remove the most common rejection reason.

What’s the Application Fee?   

Unfortunately, there are no fee-waivers available if you can’t afford a Nevada Registry ID Card. The state fee is $50 for one year or $100 for 2 years per application. Once approved, a hard copy of your Nevada cannabis card will be mailed while a temporary version will be emailed within 24 hours. Print it out and use it until your permanent card arrives.

Now that NuggMD’s convenience, affordability and personal care are obvious, visit their site to become a Nevada MMJ patient today!

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