Meridian rated ‘hold’ |

Meridian rated ‘hold’

Meridian Gold has excellent prospects

but carries higher political risks than similar

company, said a research report from

UBS Warburg last week.

The investment company rated

Meridian’s shares a “hold” as it began

coverage of the Reno-based mining


UBS Warburg report said Meridian’s

key mine, El Penon in Chile, and it key

propsect, its Esquel property in

Argentina, are very low-cost producers.

“Meridian has zero debt, and with cash

balances of $125 million it should be able

to finance Esquel over the next 18 months

without any debt,” the investment

report said.

Still, UBS Warburg said the political

risks associated with Meridian’s South

American property dampen its enthusiasm

for the stock.

It said, too, that Meridian’s stock price

about $19.75 a share last week give

it a high valuation compared to similar



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