Moving to franchise model, women’s fitness company plans to open new markets |

Moving to franchise model, women’s fitness company plans to open new markets

NNBW staff

Kaia Fit, the Minden-based women’s fitness program that’s expanded into California and Colorado, expects to accelerate its growth as it moves to a franchise model.

In the meantime, it’s solidifying its position in its own market as a licensee has opened additional Kaia Fit locations in Reno and Sparks.

Nathalie Atwell, a Kaia-certified trainer, has launched Kaia Fit programs at High Sierra Gymnastics in west Reno and Soccer Academy in Sparks doubling the number of Kaia Fit programs in the Reno-Sparks area.

Atwell’s locations have six trainers who work with clients on nutrition, wellness and fitness. The women-only program provides individual training in a group atmosphere, along with a boot-camp programs that help women get into shape.

Nikki Warren, who launched Kaia Fit a year ago after working a decade in the fitness business, says 14 locations will be open this month about half of them in northern Nevada.

Warren says the company has high hopes for its franchise program.

“Fitness is the one thing that people don’t give up during a recession,” she says. “And this is a very easy business to run.”

Along with the new franchise program, Kaia Fit expects to roll out a new Web site this month.

“We’re really focused on the fundamentals of our program,” says Warren.


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