My favorite collaboration tools |

My favorite collaboration tools

Ashley Hennefer

Google Docs is my favorite service because it provides the tools I need to collaborate with people around the world. Because it’s integrated into Google, it’s easy to use with my existing Google account, and always works when I need it to (important for global projects). I also like that new features are added regularly. I’ve used Google Docs for all of my business and academic projects. The best part? It’s free!

(Ashley Hennefer is the director of the Northern Nevada Tool Library, and develops tech and business classes for the Reno Collective.)

Mike Henderson

The collaboration tool I use most is Evernote. It is a note taking application for desktop app, web app and mobile app for all platforms. It is a text editor, slideshow and file browser all in one. Meeting notes, lists, documents and drafts are unified and ubiquitous. Notes and notebooks are shareable and publishable for collaboration or communication. It’s tagable and searchable so you don’t have to remember where a note or file is, just what it was about. All the information I need to share with a team is always there and always up to date without having to deal with files.

(Mike Henderson is owner of Arborglyph, a small creative agency specializing in video story telling and website development.)


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