Navigating the wild world of healthcare and insurance (opinion) |

Navigating the wild world of healthcare and insurance (opinion)

Ben Rogers
Publisher’s Column
Ben Rogers

RENO, Nev. — Fatherhood certainly changes things. For those parents out there, we all know that the focus of your life shifts pretty quickly when you welcome a new child to the world.

One of the most influenced areas of my life has been my appreciation for the healthcare industry and system in our region.

Before I had kids, I always took the healthcare system a bit for granted. I have been lucky, I have had minimal experience with illness, and while I have had my fair share of injuries, I have always had good insurance to cover most of my costs.

So when my wife and I welcomed our first son to the world in 2016, and then our second son earlier this year, we have been forced to dive deep into the world of healthcare and health insurance.

Having children means going to the doctor a lot more often than when it was just the two of us. Now we go for regular checkups for the youngest about once a month, and the big old toddler gets to go about every 6 months.

Seeing more and more of the industry from the side of the patient has been eye-opening. I grew up around the healthcare industry — my mom is a nurse, my wife is a physical therapist. But seeing healthcare more from the side of the patient has been interesting gaining experience. It has certainly opened my eyes to how much it really matters and how much effort goes into caring for our community. It is a remarkable thing.

The healthcare industry is much more than just the hospital. It is a wide-reaching network of practitioners and caregivers. We are lucky in Northern Nevada to have access to a wide range of healthcare options and capabilities.

We have world-class hospitals, access to a plethora of specialists in many disciplines and a growing number of alternative and holistic healing options. This all allows us to receive quality care.

The cost of healthcare is certainly a challenge. Even with insurance, the hospital bills and cost of care can be out of reach for many. Luckily we have a wide range of organizations in Northern Nevada that provide support for those who need it.

Our health is one of the greatest factors in our quality of life. The better we can live, the happier and more productive we are.

Ben Rogers is the publisher of the Northern Nevada Business View. He can be reached for comment at