NCED surveys small businesses in state |

NCED surveys small businesses in state

NNBW Staff

The Nevada Commission on Economic Development is surveying small businesses in the state, keeping an eye for issues that might be addressed in the 2005 session of the Legislature.

The interests of small businesses also will be heard during a statewide summit to be scheduled in early autumn.

The survey and the summit both are spearheaded by Lt.


Lorraine Hunt, whose responsibilities include the Commission on Economic Development.

The two-page survey is available on line at

The deadline for submission of completed surveys is the close of business on Wednesday.

It’s also being circulated by chambers of commerce and regional development authorities in Nevada.

Among the open-ended questions asked in the survey:

* What is your No. 1 issue with the state government?

* Other than state government, what is your top business problem?

* Are there state policies that are an obstacle to your business?

* What’s the single most important step the state could take to protect small businesses?

Tim Rubald, director of business development for the Commission on Economic Development, said the organization is particularly interested in hearing from small businesses.

“More than 98 percent of the businesses in Nevada are small businesses.

They are the backbone of the state’s economy but most often their voice goes unheard,” Rubald said.

The commission also plans focus groups with small-business owners this summer and will combine those comments with results of the survey.

It’s possible, he said, that the work with small businesses will identify issues that could be addressed in next year’s legislative session.

Results of the survey are expected to be available in early autumn, Rubald said.