Nevada Retirement Planners approach to investing |

Nevada Retirement Planners approach to investing

Brook Bentley
Michael Baum
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Eric Cheek and Michael Baum work diligently to advise their clients at Nevada Retirement Planners (NRP). They explained their company’s approach to investing and why retirement planning is so important. As a small firm they like their focus to be personal with their clients; they believe no two investors are alike. Their website states, “Nevada Retirement Planners mission is to promote financial literacy and education leading to enhanced financial decision-making resulting in a more secure retirement experience.”

2008 was a challenging time to start the firm due to the recession and economic challenges that were occurring. “You can’t plan or predict a recession,” Cheek commented. Cheek started working with people of retirement age in 1986.

Finding someone who fits in a small firm that requires close interaction can be difficult, but Baum showed honest and ethical character, according to Cheek, and joined the firm in 2014. Since then he has received good response from the clients and diversified his abilities to handle both savvy and beginner investors.

NRP is locally owned and independent, which allows them to pursue investments that are in their clients best interest. Baum added, “you can adjust your focus on an individual basis.”

Cheek and Baum have a goal to develop lifelong relationships with their clients by providing them a financial education, being accessible and listening to client investment wants. They are both hoping to see continued growth for NRP.

Part of working with people of retirement age is being conservative with their investments. As Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), Cheek and Baum both, have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of their clients. They both work to learn what is important to each of their clients. Things such as desired return, risk tolerance and cash requirements are taken into consideration when coming up with custom tailored strategies and recommendations for their clients.

NRP often uses workshops to share their knowledge on a topic with attendees. In addition, they explain NRP’s services, planning and investment advisory to those interested. At the end of the month they are doing a workshop regarding some rules that have changed with Social Security. To find out more and sign up for the workshop visit their website.