Nonprofit Spotlight: Nevada Veterans Memorial — To bring honor, leave a legacy |

Nonprofit Spotlight: Nevada Veterans Memorial — To bring honor, leave a legacy

Nevada Veterans Memorial

Imagine a world where our children do not understand the cost of their freedom. Imagine a time when those who call themselves Americans refuse to show honor to the values for which men and woman have sacrificed their lives.

Now, imagine having the ability to create a place where both values and history collide. A place that will show future generations why the ultimate cost of this freedom matters, and why it is worth their attention. In midst of shifting values, the Nevada Veterans Memorial will stand as an anchor of who we are as American citizens, and tell the story of how Nevada residents took a stand to help protect the freedoms and memories that should never be lost.

The Nevada Veterans Memorial will be a place to honor the 894 men and woman from the State of Nevada who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. This memorial will be a place for personal reflection, yearly memorial events, and a destination that shows respect for each branch of the military. It will include a historical presentation that will creatively show a timeline of every battle and large military movement we have taken since Nevada became a state in 1864. It will also serve as a tool to help us preserve our state history and teach the next generations about the sacrifices made.

The Details

The plaza is located in Sparks at the southeast corner of Veteran’s Parkway and Greg Street.

Granite panels are inset on each wall where the names of the fallen will written and preserved.

A large, polished, black granite depiction of the state of Nevada will be mounted at the focal point of the feature wall with the state’s motto, “All for Our Country,” inscribed upon it.

The commemorative brick plazas are intended to allow the public to purchase bricks to commemorate a friend or loved one’s service and will be unveiled yearly at annual Veteran’s Day events.

Six granite benches will be engraved with the logos, motto and other pertinent dates of the branches of service: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard.

There is a proposal to plant 17 trees that represent the 16 counties of Nevada, plus the capital of Carson City.

The Cost

The land has been donated to the project. The total cost for the first two phases of building will be $1.6 million dollars and include the memorial event and name viewing area, and the second phase will be the historical bridge presentation.

The Schedule

We are diligently working to have this completed by January of 2018. You will see dirt work begin in the springtime of 2017.

The Team

The Nevada Veterans Memorial is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is comprised of local veteran groups, local residents, community activists, political leaders, and business partners. The chairman of the board is Sparks City Councilman Ron Smith and the vice chairman is Sparks City Councilman Kristopher Dahir. We have a strong board of directors and an amazing group of volunteers that help keep the project moving forward.


We have four ways for you to get involved.

Purchase a donation brick for your name, business, or an honorable statement. We have bricks that are $100, $250, $500, or $1,000. They each have a different size but all proceeds go directly to seeing the project completed.

Attend our yearly dinner. Our next Silent Auction Fundraising Dinner will take place on Nov. 2, 2017 at the Peppermill Hotel and Casino. This will be our third dinner and we hope that many people come ready to donate to ensure the completion of the project.

Give. This can be with finances and/or in-kind donations. You can give at any time and with any amount. We are thankful for every gift, large and small. We will have a donor garden with a small display listing all individuals and businesses that have given $10,000 or more to the project. We have a list of supplies and work that needs to be bought and paid for. If you want to contribute either with your business or individually to take care of one of these areas, please contact us.

Come to our meetings, volunteer and get involved. We cannot complete this project on our own, and we really don’t want to! We hope that this will truly be a community project, where each of you can be proud in the knowledge that you have been a part of creating a place of honor and leaving a legacy for generations to come.

The Connection

Please contact us by either calling Ron Smith at 775-527-1564 or Kristopher Dahir at 775-770-0360. Email

To order your brick, donate or find more information, go to

To watch our video showing you a 3D Rendering of the project please go to:


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