New funds, name for First Warning |

New funds, name for First Warning

First Warning Systems, a Reno-based developer of early-warning technology for cancer, said last week it’s changing its name after completion of new round of funding.

The company now will be known as Cyrcadia Health, said Rob Royea, its president and chief executive officer.

Cyrcadia just raised $1 million round in angel financing, Royea said.

The company is developing a wearable product that provides early warning of breast cancer through detection of abnormal circadian cellular changes.

Royea said the new funding will allow the company to begin final clinical trials in the United States. Those trials are set to begin in November.

In the meantime, Cyrcadia plans to launch its product in South Asia and Europe in mid-2015.

Royea said the company now hopes to raise $10 million in a Series A funding round.

The angel funding came from a group of investors introduced to Cyrcadia Health by Romesh Kaul, the CEO of Singapore’s Advanced Medical Systems Pte. Ltd.

Founded in Reno in 2008, Cyrcadia Health previously raised $1.9 million in investor money for initial development of its technology.

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