New senior center proposed for Lyon County |

New senior center proposed for Lyon County

Special to the NNBW

Lyon County officials approved an agreement with the William N. Pennington Foundation to build a new senior center in Fernley.

The William N. Pennington Foundation awarded Lyon County $3 million to build a facility that will serve as a senior center and provide Lyon County with office space for the Human Services Department. The funding will cover almost half of the cost to build the facility

The facility will be located off of Lois Lane behind the Fernley Depot. Lyon County and the City of Fernley are partnering in the development of this lot to build the Senior Center and a Community Center. Lyon County and the City of Fernley have approved a fifty year lease for the County’s portion of the property with the goal of parceling Lyon County’s section to Lyon County.

This building will replace an existing facility and provide the Human Services Department with office space in Fernley and get Lyon County out of lease payments for existing offices.

The City and County will begin developing a joint use and maintenance agreements for both buildings and parking facilities after the first of the year. Lyon County anticipates construction starting quickly after the first of January.