Airbnb’s 2017 growth way up in Silver State |

Airbnb’s 2017 growth way up in Silver State

NNBW Staff

Airbnb, a global company that connects travelers to unique living accommodations, announced earnings from destinations throughout the state of Nevada.

The top 10 destinations in state, based on guest arrivals and earnings were headed by Stateline with 24,000 guest arrivals, followed by Incline Village, Reno, Carson City, Zephyr Cove, and Glenbrook.

Overall, the entire state brought in 600,000 guest arrivals taking $80 million in revenue in 2017. This represents an 83 percent increase in growth year over year from 2016.

Typical earnings for a accommodation host in Nevada was $7,000 last year.

Airbnb connects travelers to accommodations including apartments, condos, villas and even treehouses.

 A breakdown of how the Northern Nevada destinations performed:

 Stateline: 24,000 guest arrivals, $2.9 million total host income

 Incline Village: 23,000 guest arrivals, $3.5 million

 Reno: 17,000 guest arrivals, $2.2 million

 Carson City: 8,000 guest arrivals, $1.3 million

 Zephyr Cove: 4,600 guest arrivals, $800,000

Glenbrook: 3,300 guest arrivals, $535,000