Douglas County holds strategic planning session |

Douglas County holds strategic planning session

NNBW Staff

The Douglas County Board of County Commissioners engaged in a strategic planning session on February 6, 2017 at the Carson Valley Inn. The discussion included members of the public, staff, elected officials and facilitators from OnStrategy of Reno. The group spent the day discussing possible strategic direction, vision and priorities for the next five years to be incorporated in Douglas County’s Strategic Plan.

Data collected from the citizens’ survey was presented along with over 200 comments received in the open comment section of the survey. The day allowed for citizens, staff, commissioners and elected officials to review common themes and issues through a series of exercises conducted as a team.

The survey measured County citizens’ perceptions of whether the County is on the right track and areas where citizens would prefer the County focus its efforts in the near future. Following that presentation, the group identified top priorities for the new Douglas County Strategic Plan: financial stability; infrastructure; and organizational stability. Additional areas discussed for the Strategic Plan were: economic vitality; natural resources, culture and quality of life; managed growth; and safe community.

The initial draft strategic plan is scheduled to be presented at the March 16, 2017, Board meeting prior to beginning the budget review process later that month. The draft document will be available for review and public comment online prior to the Board of County Commissioners Meeting in March.

For survey results please visit (click on closed topics):