Lyon County brothel business ban going on November ballot |

Lyon County brothel business ban going on November ballot

NNBV staff
Dennis Hof owned all four legal brothels in Lyon County, including the famed Moonlight BunnyRanch.

LYON COUNTY, Nev. — Residents in Lyon County will have the chance to decide if they no longer want brothels in their county during the November election.

The Lyon County Board of Commissioners unanimously voted on Thursday, June 7, to approve a resolution to place an advisory question on the November ballot to address the brothel issue.

The question reads: “Shall the Lyon County Board of Commissioners rescind Title 3, Chapter 5, the Lyon County Brothel Ordinance, in order to end brothels and legalized prostitution in Lyon County, Nevada?”

As of now, there are four brothels, all owned by Dennis Hof in Lyon County. They’re all located in Mound House just across the county line from Carson City.

The advisory question stems from a petition by the anti-sex trafficking group “No Little Girl,” according to the Associated Press, which filed a petition in April place a referendum on the ballot that would give voters the option of either choosing between outlawing brothels or freezing the county’s brothel ordinance.

Group members said June 7 their referendum question will be removed now that the county approved the advisory question.