Reno ranked as a 3-Star community based on sustainability initiatives |

Reno ranked as a 3-Star community based on sustainability initiatives

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The STAR Community Rating System is the nation’s leading framework and certification program for evaluating local sustainability. The system encompasses economic, environmental, and social performance measures. STAR categories includes:

Built Environment

Climate & Energy

Economy & Jobs

Education, Arts & Community

Equity & Empowerment

Health & Safety

Natural Systems

Innovation & Process

RENO — The Reno City Council and City Manager are proud to report that in 2017 the City of Reno became a Certified 3-STAR Community. STAR Communities® is a national framework for communities to measure progress toward a healthy environment, strong economy and improving the well being of all residents. STAR offers a data-driven approach to assess sustainability efforts.

The STAR Community Rating System supports three leadership certifications: 3-STAR Community, 4-STAR Community and 5-STAR Community. City of Reno leadership aspires to be a 5-STAR Community, and is confident that the city will get there with continued dedication.

“While we have a great deal of work ahead of us and much more to accomplish in the sustainability arena, we are proud to say that in 2017, we became a Certified 3-STAR Community,” At-Large Reno City Councilmember David Bobzien said. “This is just a start, and we will continue to measure our progress toward a healthy environment, strong economy and improved wellbeing of all our residents.”

The City of Reno worked with more than 150 individuals and 30 local, regional and state agencies and organizations to gather and analyze data, and report progress against the performance metrics and best practice actions embedded in STAR. This information provides a baseline for the City and information in which staff can assess strengths and weaknesses, and target areas for improvement based on the city’s strategic priorities.

Reno earned 378 points out of 750 total points achievable, becoming the 67th city to have achieved a STAR rating, which includes the southern Nevada cities of Las Vegas and Henderson.

The City of Reno documented the outcomes in its first Sustainability Report. In this comprehensive report, residents and businesses will learn about the city’s continued and enhanced commitment to creating a more sustainable and livable community. The 2017 Sustainability Report is available at

The report not only highlights Reno’s areas of strengths, it also identifies the opportunities for improvement — most already having been identified as priorities by city leaders and community partners. Among them are increased access to affordable housing, improved community health, expanded use of public and alternative modes of transportation and strengthened civil and human rights.

Other areas will require new commitments to make progress, including greening government operations, expansion of green markets and creation of green jobs, improved conditions for aging in the community, addressing environmental justice, protecting biodiversity and managing invasive species and preserving remaining farm and ranch lands.

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