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100% fiber network powered by AT&T Fiber now available in Reno area

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AT&T launched ultra-fast internet service in parts of the Reno area, including in parts of Reno, Sparks and surrounding communities. They are offering a 1 gigabit connection to area homes, apartments and small business locations on their 100% fiber network powered by AT&T FiberSM.

In addition to the homes and small businesses connected to their 100% fiber network in the Reno area, they are connecting more than 10 area apartment and condo properties.

The Reno area is one of 44 metros nationwide where their ultra-fast internet service is currently available. They plan to reach at least 67 metros with their fastest internet service.

They market their ultra-fast service to over 3 million locations nationwide, of which over 500,000 include apartments and condo units. They are on track to meet the 12.5 million locations planned by mid-2019.

“Our customers are increasingly interacting with their world in more data-intensive ways,” said Stephanie Tyler, president, AT&T Nevada in a press release. “A growing number of people are streaming content directly from their devices, and interacting with family and friends through live videos. As we begin today to bring our fastest internet speeds to residents of our community, we’re continuing to work to meet those needs.”

“The 100% fiber network that AT&T is beginning to put in place demonstrates AT&T’s continued investment in our community,” said Neoma Jardon, Vice-Mayor, Reno City Council, City of Reno in a press release. “Access to high-speed internet allows our community to connect in the most efficient way possible and continues to grow our economic foundation.”

Internet-only pricing for customers who choose AT&T Internet 1000 starts as low as $90 a month.

Internet customers on the 100% fiber network have access to the latest Wi-Fi technology. They can enjoy faster Wi-Fi speeds and broad coverage to seamlessly connect all their devices.

What can you do with a service that starts with a 1 gig connection?

These internet speeds are 20x faster than the average cable customer. You can download 25 songs in 1 second or a 90-minute HD movie in less than 34 seconds. Customers can enjoy AT&T’s fastest upload and download speeds.

You can also instantly access and stream online movies, music and games. These ultra-fast speeds let you seamlessly telecommute, video-conference, upload and download photos and videos, and connect faster to the cloud.

What is AT&T Fiber?

The 100% fiber network under the AT&T Fiber umbrella brand gives customers the power to choose from a wide range of internet speeds over an ultra-fast internet connection. This network is just one of the network technologies they plan to use to connect customers as a part of AT&T Fiber.

For more information on AT&T Fiber, visit att.com/getfiber.

AT&T has invested nearly $800 million in its wireless and wireline networks in Nevada between 2013 through 2015.