Ag-tech startup joins Carson City business incubator |

Ag-tech startup joins Carson City business incubator

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Startup EasyKeeper Herd Manager is a software-as-a-service company founded by Jean Harrison. Harrison is a longtime software developer and dairy goat expert.

“Herd Smarter, Not Harder” is the motto of EasyKeeper Herd Manager, a software-as-a-service company that aims to disrupt the world of goat production. The young company already has hundreds of subscribers. To accelerate their growth, EasyKeeper recently became a member of the business incubator at Adams Hub for innovation in Carson City.

EasyKeeper Founder and CEO Jean Harrison was a 4-H Member who grew up breeding and showing dairy goats in California, Oregon and Northern Nevada. After a military career, she worked as a software development professional in the San Francisco Bay Area. One day she realized that she could use her software development skills to solve issues common to goat producers.

“63% of worldwide red meat consumption is attributed to goats, yet most producers are still managing their operations with pen and paper,” explains Harrison. “The demand for goat milk has also exploded due to the popularity of artisan goat cheese and rapidly growing goat milk infant formula market in China.”

To be successful, producers must be able to accurately record and analyze key performance indicators, like milk and meat production and reproductive strength. Users also have veterinary records at their fingertips, resulting in healthier goats. “The days of carrying your notebook and pen into the barn or pasture are over,” says Harrison.

“Maintaining precise breeding records is another benefit of using EasyKeeper,” she notes.  “Our users can track progeny and pedigrees for better breeding decisions. They can quickly identify and respond to fertility issues, and plan proactively for kiddings.” This functionality has a very personal meaning for Harrison, who recalls an incident on her own farm when one simple instance of inaccurate record-keeping had a tragic outcome. “We induced labor prematurely,” she explains, “and we lost three kids.”

The connection with Adams Hub has been a fertile one, says Harrison. “It’s helped us refine our growth strategy and even our brand messaging.” The company has taken advantage of resources provided by Adams Hub, including mentorship, professional meeting facilities research plus support from Adams Hub’s cohort of University of Nevada, Reno interns.

Miya MacKenzie, Chief Professional Officer of Adams Hub, is excited about the collaboration.

“Jean is incredibly focused and very disciplined,” observes MacKenzie. “Her project management expertise has helped propel the company’s growth. This type of ag-tech startup is ideal for Northern Nevada and we’re delighted to be able to assist a company that’s blazing new trails.”

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