Camie Cragg Fitness celebrates five year anniversary with renovation |

Camie Cragg Fitness celebrates five year anniversary with renovation

Special to NNBW

Camie Cragg Fitness is celebrating five years in business with renovations and additions.

As the five-year anniversary approaches, Camie Cragg Fitness (CCF) announced several changes coming to the interior of the 8,000-square-foot facility. For starters, the gym’s cardio corner is being redone, adding more treadmills while rotating the current treadmills to face the back wall where a new mirror is being installed.

In order to give gym-goers more avenues to exercise and build strength, CCF is adding a powerlifting area to create more space for squats, deadlifts, power cleans and other exercises.

CCF is also adding a new social space for CCF attendees to use before and after workouts. A new bar is being installed complete with Apple iPhone docking stations and an accompanying selfie station which will encourage gym-goers to track their progress by taking selfies each time they workout at CCF, allowing them to visually see the change in their physiques that CCF workouts have made. Not only will the new mirror allow for real time tracking of progress, but CCF hopes the it will remind gym-goers that they’re beautiful and to love themselves.

Those who have been to CCF know that founder Camille Lyman is steadfast in her commitment to the Reno community and continues to give back everyway she can. As a part of the five year anniversary, CCF and Lyman are tapping local artists Kelvin Martinez and Darin Stockwell to hand-draw murals around the gym representing CCF’s contributions to the community through camUNITY and Project C.

Since it’s inception in 2012, camUNITY has raised more than $135,000 for community members who have been struck by tragedy while Project C has helped more than 500 people completely change their lives through a detailed transformation program tailored to each individual. The current endeavor is the camUNITY Eddy House Movement, which is collecting food, clothes and toiletries for the Eddy House, a non-profit that assists at risk youths in reaching their full potential. Those interested in helping can drop off any non-perishable foods, clothing or toiletries at CCF.

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