Nichols wraps up jobs |

Nichols wraps up jobs

Reno-based Nichols Consulting

Engineers is nearing completion of six

roadway projects in the eastern Sierra and


NCE is concluding a $350,000 pavement

management system involving nearly

3,000 miles of roadway for California’s

Stanislaus County and the 10 cities in the

county. The six-month long entails an

inventory of the county’s pavement network,

inspection of 16,000 pavement sections

to detect distress levels, identification

of rehabilitation techniques, and a recommendation

for cost-effective repair plans.

NCE also expects completion this

month of a Monterey County roadway

improvement project on Highway 1 near

Carmel, Calif. This nine-month, $250,000

project was designed to provide a more

functional and visually appealing road.

NCE is providing approximately

$150,000 worth of pavement management

systems work on roads in Lassen County,

Mono County, Mammoth Lakes and

Bishop in California. Pavement management

systems track distress, maintenance,

and rehabilitation across an entire pave-

ment network.