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NNBV editor column: What’s up with all the pot!? (opinion)

Kevin MacMillan


Kevin MacMillan

RENO, Nev. — Despite all the content we’ve published online recently about the 1-year anniversary of legal recreational marijuana in Nevada, don’t worry: We aren’t changing our name to the Northern Nevada Cannabis View.

Rather, the Silver State’s budding marijuana industry is merely our editorial focus for our July print edition (which publishes June 25).

As you likely noticed in our inaugural edition of the NNBV in June, we filled several pages with features and news discussing the business of booze (distilleries, wineries and breweries) and its impacts on Northern Nevada.

And, of course, in the days and weeks leading up to that print publication, and after it, we published plenty of stories and videos about the topic on our website and our social media channels.

Looking forward, throughout the month of July — and within our August print edition — we will have yet another editorial focus: Startups and Entrepreneurs. And as we enter the fall and winter seasons, you’ll find that each month, the NNBV will be anchored by a different content focus.

This editorial strategy is all part of the subtle changes we’re undertaking here at the NNBV, formerly known as the NNBW. Now that we’ve moved our print edition from a weekly to a monthly, we’re afforded a better opportunity to dive deeper into specific “Focus On” content themes that embrace various aspects of doing business in Northern Nevada.

Ardent readers of the NNBW in recent years should be familiar with our “Focus On” sections, so in reality, we’re not changing much in terms of strategy, other than whittling down our areas of focus on an annual basis to 12 main categories, rather than upwards of 40.

But this doesn’t mean we’re immune to covering other business news throughout Northern Nevada. And aside from our monthly print content in our Business News, People and Briefs sections, there’s no better way to realize this than by visiting our website, http://www.nnbw.com, where we publish fresh content daily, covering a variety of business topics.

ICYMI, here are just a handful of headlines of stories we’ve published the past few weeks online:

June 20: Amid cheers, Fallon City Council bans recreational cannabis

June 18: Contractor damaged Tahoe land; former employee considering lawsuit

June 15: Nevada mining prez: Industry one of highest-paying in state

June 12: $73.8 million in Tesla credits will take most of excess revenue for Nevada

June 8: Nevada cannabis, e-sports, mining industries primed for blockchain success

June 8: Starbucks plant in Minden unveils expansion ahead of schedule

June 6: Reno tech startups recognized for bringing 125 new jobs

June 6: Gardnerville fish farm angles for $3.6 million investment

One of the common criticisms our team has fielded since we made the move in May to go monthly in print is that we’re producing less content because we’re producing fewer papers each week.

But really, we’re publishing more content online that ever before — and, we’re producing higher-quality journalism through both written words and video stories that revolve around a more-focused monthly strategy.

I hope you enjoy this month’s print edition, especially the added emphasis on the Silver State’s cannabis industry, one year later. And please, if you have feedback or ideas for future content focus areas, don’t hesitate to email.

Kevin MacMillan is editor of the Northern Nevada Business View. He can be reached for comment at kmacmillan@swiftcom.com.


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