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NNBW Editor: Doing our part to support Northern Nevada businesses

Kevin MacMillan


Kevin MacMillan
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RENO, Nev. — Throughout the past few weeks, we at the NNBW — like all media in the region and nationally — have published countless stories about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its ever-evolving impacts to businesses across Northern Nevada.

Due to the fluid nature of the issue and the uncertain economic future it’s bringing, we’ve published plenty of “negative news” stories, for lack of a better description, about skyrocketing unemployment claims; companies laying off and furloughing staff en masse to cover for spiraling revenues; the unprecedented impact to Nevada’s gaming, tourism and events-based industries — and even, sadly, the potential closure for the Reno News & Review and other media companies.

But it’s not all bad news. From distilleries pivoting to producing hand sanitizer, companies buying large-scale meals to support local restaurants, manufacturers switching gears to make face masks and other essential medical supplies, there are good news stories to be told.

With that in mind, we at the NNBW are doing what we can to support our local businesses during this uncertain era in history by launching the Support Your Local Business Sweepstakes this week.

We’re partnering with several regional businesses and companies who are offering prizes valued at $50 or more for various goods and services, like restaurant gift cards, gym classes, photography packages and much, much more.

To sign up for your chance to win, visit nnbw.com/sweepstakes and fill out the form according to the instructions on the website. You must be a subscriber of the NNBW to participate. Weekly winners will be announced every Tuesday starting in April.

We’ll also be devoting space each week in print and online for special Q-and-As with our amazing business partners — this way, not only are these businesses giving back to the community during this trying time, but we’re also giving back to our local businesses by featuring them each week in print and online.

You can read more about some of our Support Your Local Business Sweepstakes partners in eacb print edition of the NNBW throughout the spring. You can also go here to read the first profile on Reno’s Urban Market.

We see this as a true win-win-win for everyone involved.

Plus, the great thing about a program like this is that when this COVID crisis is over and we begin to return to a semblance of normalcy, there’s nothing stopping us from bolstering the momentum well after the fact, knowing that it’s important to support local businesses any time of the year, no matter the reason.

If you’re a local business interested in participating, email NNBW Business Development Manager Melissa Saavedra at msaavedra@nevadanewsgroup.com, or call her at 775-297-6521.

As everyone keeps saying amid this crisis — “we’re all in this together.” As such, I urge everyone to do their best, if they have the means, to practice that mantra by supporting your local businesses, now more than ever.

Kevin MacMillan is editor of the NNBW. Email him at for comment at kmacmillan@nevadanewsgroup.com.