Nonprofit Spotlight: Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada |

Nonprofit Spotlight: Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada

Matt Vaughan

Once again we are approaching the holidays; a time for family, feasting, gifts, warmth, and joy. Yet, the holidays do not have the same meaning for everyone. Every year, thousands of men, women and children in our state go without many things we take for granted. At Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada, we make sure that people in need have the basic necessities we all need for survival – food, shelter, warm clothing and someone to show a little compassion.

From November to January, CCNN will host several events where we will provide assistance to upwards of 8,000 people in need. We come across a wide variety of people experiencing hardships during this time of year, whether it is parents who can’t afford to buy presents for their children or someone who’s homeless and doesn’t have a family to share a holiday meal with. Many of these events will focus on feeding the hungry, providing warm clothes to the poor for the winter months, and bringing joy to children who normally have none during the holidays.

Every December we collect Christmas stockings filled with toys and hygiene items and distribute them to an average of 800 children ranging in age from infants to teenagers. Along with stockings, each child is invited to attend a special Christmas carnival inside the St. Vincent’s Dining Room. The dining room will also provide a free hot meal to more than 2,000 people for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

CCNN understands the importance of spending time with family during the holidays. In December, the St. Vincent’s Food Pantry will distribute hams, along with additional food items, to more than 5,000 families across Nevada so that they are able to prepare a holiday meal.

Food is a common need for many of the people we serve, and there are thousands of individuals who go hungry on a daily basis. For the first time ever, Catholic Charities is partnering with Double Diamond Athletic Club to collect food for veterans and their families during the months of November and December. At CCNN, we’ve provided assistance to more than 2,400 veterans in the past year alone. We are currently seeking businesses that are willing to be a food donation site. Once the food is collected, local veterans will march it from DDAC to our food pantry on Fourth Street.

Our outreach does not stop when the holidays are over. In January, we will hold our 9th annual Project Homeless Connect at the Reno Events Center. At this event there will be dozens of local service providers to connect individuals and families experiencing homelessness with medical care, social services, housing aid, and much more.

At Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada, our goal is to bring hope to people so that they can rise out of poverty and become self-sufficient. Unfortunately, there are many individuals who cannot do it on their own. CCNN has nearly a dozen poverty assistance programs that provide aid to the poor and homeless. By offering wraparound support, we’re hopeful that we can help get these individuals back on their feet. Being a non-profit organization means that we rely heavily on support from the community, and we would not be able to do the work we do without the generosity of the people living in northern Nevada.

You can help us make a difference in the lives of people less fortunate than ourselves – people who work hard to make ends meet, but constantly live a paycheck away from financial crisis, or even homelessness.

There are numerous items that are needed for the people we help:


Canned Vegetables

Canned Fruit



Canned Meat

Pet Food















Feminine Products


Stuffed Animals

Reading/Coloring Books


Sports Equipment

Infant/Toddler Toys


If you are unable to donate goods, monetary donations go a long way helping people in need.

$5 provides 20 meals through our St. Vincent’s Food Pantry

$25 feeds 10 people in our St. Vincent’s Dining Room

$50 saves a family from losing their utilities or pays for a group activity for 25 seniors

$100 provides a hungry child with a backpack full of food, every weekend for a year

Whether someone is struggling to make ends meet or has fallen on hard times, Catholic Charities is there to lend a helping hand and lead them down the path to a more secure future. Yet, the need is great and we can’t accomplish our goal of easing the pain of poverty without your help. For more information about how you can assist people in need, please visit our website,