Nonprofit Spotlight | Nevada Donor Network: Donor registration begins with you |

Nonprofit Spotlight | Nevada Donor Network: Donor registration begins with you

Nevada Donor Network

When you think of the word register, what comes to mind? Have you ever thought it may help save a life? Registering as an organ, eye and tissue donor gives everyone the chance to be a potential donor hero to those in need.

Nevada Donor Network is a federally designated 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organ procurement organization (OPO) also responsible for facilitating tissue and cornea donation statewide. Founded in 1987, Nevada Donor Network’s core purpose is to provide hope, strength and life by serving more than 2 million people in the state of Nevada and thousands of potential transplant recipients across the country.

Nevada Donor Network’s primary functions include coordinating, recovering and allocating lifesaving organs and healing tissues for transplantation and research on behalf of its heroic donors. The organization provides education to hospital staff and community partners on the referral and donation process and provides a strong network of support for the courageous donor families who save lives through the gift of donation. Nevada Donor Network is a member of Donate Life Nevada, a statewide collaboration of agencies committed to motivating Nevada residents to register as organ, eye and tissue donors.

Every time someone says YES to donation, it gives hope to the tens of thousands of patients waiting for a life-saving organ transplant and the thousands more in need of a tissue or cornea transplant. Registering as a donor is quite simple.

You can register to be an organ, eye and tissue donor in a variety of ways:

First, you can register to be a donor hero at the DMV. When applying for a driver’s license, permit, identification card or driver authorization card you can select the option to be listed as an organ donor. This important partnership with the DMV makes registering to save a life simple and easy.

Register to be a hero online. You don’t have to wait until your next trip to the DMV to document your wishes regarding donation. You can register online at any time and it only takes a minute. Visit for more information and say “yes” to saving lives.

With the latest version of iOS 10, iPhone users can register their decision to be an organ, eye and tissue donor directly in the Medical ID tab and have the option to easily share their donation decision with family and friends via text, email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Computers and smart phones may not be for everyone, but registering to be a hero can be since paper forms are perfectly acceptable. If someone you know does not have internet access, a registration form can be printed for them. Once it is complete, the form can be mailed to the Nevada Donor Network offices to be entered into the registry database. Visit for more information.

In Nevada, the decision to register is legally binding for those over the age of 18. That means the staff of Nevada Donor Network will honor a registered donor’s wishes to help save the lives of others whenever possible. However, for those under the age of 18, registration is only legally binding if the teen’s parent or guardian signs the affidavit on the driver’s license, permit and driver authorization card application. When registering to be a hero, share that decision with others, and especially with your friends and family. Encourage them to learn the facts about donation and the importance of registration.

Education about donation is essential, and Nevada Donor Network strives to share with all Nevadans information about donation and the profound impact it can have through the following events and observances:

National Donate Life Month: While Nevada Donor Network strives to increase the number of registered donors in Nevada throughout the year, April is the dedicated month for an extensive awareness campaign. Each April, Nevada Donor Network partners with businesses, partner organizations and non-profits across the state to help “spread the word” via turnkey social media toolkits, events, and other various efforts to promote the gift of life.

Blue and Green Day: On National Blue & Green Day, the community is encouraged to wear blue and green and post pictures on social media to bring awareness to the importance of donation. Nevadans who have not yet designated their wishes regarding donation are encouraged to register. National Blue & Green Day will be on April 21, 2017.

Donate Life Transplant Games of America: The Donate Life Transplant Games of America is a biennial event held to recognize the tremendous accomplishments of individuals whose lives have been affected by eye, organ, and tissue donation. This festival-style event brings athletes, living donors, donor families, as well as members of the amazing medical community involved in transplantation together to promote awareness of the life-changing impact that donation represents today. Team Nevada participates and competes in a variety of sporting and non-sport competitive events to demonstrate how their lives have been changed as a result of organ, eye, and tissue donation. Team Nevada looks forward to the next Donate Life Transplant Games of America, which will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah in the summer of 2018.

Health fairs and community events: The possibilities are endless for sharing information about donation and the importance of donor designation. Nevada Donor Network and its volunteer Advocates for Life (many of whom are donor family members or transplant recipients) enjoy the opportunity to talk about donation with the public.

If you are interested in learning more about donation, if you have an event you would like Nevada Donor Network to attend, or if you would like to schedule an educational presentation for your organization or company, please contact the Reno office at or 855-NVDONOR.