Nonprofit Spotlight: Reno Rodeo Foundation’s Denim Drive comforts thousands of kids |

Nonprofit Spotlight: Reno Rodeo Foundation’s Denim Drive comforts thousands of kids

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There isn’t anything more meaningful than hearing directly from a Denim Drive recipient: “When I got new clothes it made me feel empowered like I did matter in something.” Many children are removed from their homes with only the clothes on their backs. The Reno Rodeo Foundation’s Denim Drive is celebrating its 12th year, providing comfort to thousands of infants, children and teens that have experienced unimaginable circumstances.

One of the most profound responses shared from a young teen girl when asked to describe the experience related to receiving new clothes was “Who only has one pair of clothes? Having more than one pair of clothes really means a lot to us. We want to fit in. We don’t want to be like the different kids. We want to be in the crowd we want to be just like everyone else.”

The Denim Drive is more than just new clothes. The program provides a sense of self-worth because the children own the new clothes and it’s something that belongs to them. Every child receives news clothes, new rolling back-packs, new books, and new teddy bears sending a deeper message that someone truly cares!

The Denim Drive program has extended comfort to kids with extraordinary needs through the financial donations collected during the Denim Drive to purchase new books. Children served by the Denim Drive must attend family court proceedings at the Second Judicial Family Court in Washoe County.

Areas have been established at the Washoe Family Court with a goal of creating welcoming and friendly spaces for children and families. This will be accomplished by providing two Reading Rooms and several reading areas throughout the courthouse that are decorated for children in a way that creates a sense of comfort.

“Anything we can do as a community to relieve the tension these kids feel when they enter the courthouse will pay dividends far into the future,” said Egan Walker, a judge in the General Jurisdiction of the Second Judicial District Court.

The Reading Rooms offer children a safe and comfortable refuge by creating an environment that minimizes trauma. The children get to keep the new book they pick out. The new books are selected for content and categorized by age and gender.

“It’s a really valuable and positive contribution in the lives of children who come through our courts,” said Karen Sabo, the Court Master who presides over cases involving neglect and abuse. “It has a magical way of taking away anxiety. If we can give them a gift, especially a book that has the power to change their life, it’s so meaningful.”

The Second Judicial District Court Judges support this project and the Reno Rodeo Foundation is committed to help raise funds to purchase new books for the 20,000 children served by the Denim Drive that attend family court every year.

Thank you Plumas Bank for being the first corporate Reading Rooms financial donor and being a Denim Drive collection location and a 2018 Gold Sponsor.

The Denim Drive is currently underway and ends December 31. If you’re interested in supporting the kids please consider a financial donation at Monetary donations are used to make purchases throughout the year as there is a need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can drop off new clothes to over 150 collection locations, including Plumas Bank, now through December 31.

One hundred percent of your donation directly supports the children. Through your generosity thousands of kids with extraordinary will directly benefit. Special thanks to the Reno Rodeo Association Team 355 volunteers for distributing and picking up all the Denim Drive donations. The Denim Drive serves 14 Northern Nevada counties. What’s collected your county, stays in that county. Thank you for helping so many children in our community with one small gift and one big impact!

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