Dennis Hof says Bunny Ranch looking into sex-bots |

Dennis Hof says Bunny Ranch looking into sex-bots

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Dennis Hof
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Westworld may be a science fiction movie, but Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hof says the “sex-bots” in that flick may well be the wave of the future for his business.

And Hof means the near future — like a couple of years from now.

He said he’s working with two companies on research and development of robots that can offer sexual services to his customers. He said those two companies are working to perfect their robots to be “the most satisfying sex partners on the market.” He said sophisticated artificial intelligence will play a big part in that. And he said the robots are already “very attractive.”

“It will never replace the human interaction,” he said. “The biggest part of our business now is what we call the girlfriend experience.”

Hof said that’s where the client and sex worker share conversation and intimacy in addition to sex.

But, he said, “the technology is further along than you think.”

He also pointed out they’ve already used sex dolls at the Bunny Ranch east of Carson City, “and that’s been successful.”

He said for clients and for himself, the idea of sex-bots has distinct advantages. He said especially for married guys, “who feel they can do this and they’re not cheating on their wives.”

In addition, there are inexperienced men who might be more comfortable with a sex-bot to build the confidence to be with a real woman.

For himself, Hof pointed out the women get half of whatever the customer spends. He has to split with them 50-50.

“It’s going to cut my biggest expense down, which is paying the girls,” he said. “With sex robots, I don’t have to give them nothing.”

Asked whether he thinks robots can be anywhere near as appealing as they are portrayed in Westworld, he said that day is coming.

“Are we heading the same way with sex? Yep.”

If successful, he said sex-bots may do for the Bunny Ranch what the iPhone did for Apple.

As for his existing staff of sex workers, Hof said some are for it and some against.

Alice Little, one of his top earners, said virgin men benefit from having a transitional sex-bot, “to ease them into intercourse with a human woman.”

But Tiara Tae, who works at the Bunny Ranch, said a robot can’t sympathize with a client’s emotional needs.

She said having to compete with sex-bots “is insulting.”


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