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Opticomp seeking workers,

NNBW Staff

Manufacturing of Photonic Crystal Emitters sounds like a job straight out of

The Jetsons.

But it’s reality for a Zephyr Cove company that’s ready to go commercial with products long in development.

Opticomp Corp., founded by President Peter Guilfoyle in 1987, fielded government contracts for 23 years as its scientists and engineers investigated new technology in photonics. Now, to move on to the manufacturing stage, it plans to hire for 30 positions from laser specialties to tech writers.

It’s also looking for a manufacturing site in a roomier locale.

Terry Thomas, vice president of business development, says, “We’re investigating available facilities in Douglas County.”

The product, which involves high-speed data transfer using light, is used in communications and supercomputers.

And despite the geeky glamour, Thomas says the company could face a challenge in finding the right people, especially for specialized positions. In this uncertain economy, people are chary of risk-taking and candidates might be afraid to move, lest the new job go awry.

And, he adds, the transition from research to manufacturing is always challenging, because it’s not always efficient to take a single prototype into mass production.

But the biggest challenge, says Thomas, will be entering commercial markets.

He says the jobs will be posted on the Web site opticomp.com this week.