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Ormsby House: Carson City would require special use permits if it sells

Anne Knowles


The vacant Ormsby House sites in Carson City, south of downtown.
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CARSON CITY, Nev. — The project proposed at the Ormsby House will not include congregate care for residents, but would still require several special use permits for other planned uses.

The Carson City Planning Division on Oct. 8 issued a letter to the applicant, Joe D’Angelo, of the Las Vegas-based nonprofit Joshua’s Community, outlining the findings of a major project review conducted by staff after meeting with the applicant on Oct. 1.

“At the onset of the meeting, the project architect advised that congregate care is not the intended use. Therefore, staff comments do not contemplate congregate care. Note if congregate is intended, a zoning code amendment would be required to cause the use to be either permitted or conditionally permitted in the (downtown mixed-use) zone,” reads the letter.

The initial application said the project would include concierge service, or on-site medical service, for people living on one of seven planned residential floors.

According to the letter, the project will need separate use permits for a residence hotel which allows occupancy up to 180 days, a childcare facility, and culinary arts school, all conditional uses in the downtown mixed-use zone.

City engineering and fire department staff do not recommend closing any portion of Curry Street as proposed. The submitted application said the applicant would request abandonment of Curry Street between 6th and 7th streets for a pedestrian plaza.

City staff would also require from the applicant a traffic impact study and a sewer analysis determining the project’s effect of flows on the city’s existing system.

According to the letter, a “commercial aquaponics farm” is an agricultural use not allowed by right or condition in mixed-use downtown, but the letter said staff would need more detailed information to determine what would be needed to allow it.

Also, a three-story mixed-use building planned on the parcel adjacent to the Ormsby House needs more details before staff can comment.

When reached for comment on this story, D’Angelo told the Nevada Appeal, “thank you for contacting me, but no comment at this time.”

D’Angelo earlier told the Nevada Appeal he plans to purchase the downtown property for $15 million and expects to close on it Oct. 17.


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